KDN Catering@Pitreavie Golf Club

KDN Catering are delighted to offer a variety of menu options, to meet your every need, from a snack in the bar to a fully seated Wedding Breakfast.

When planning an event the Caterer will always be involved, and can be contacted on 01383 722591 (option 4) or by email to kdncatering@aol.co.uk.

Summer Catering Hours

May 2021 to October 2021
Monday-Wednesday 11am-4pm
Thursday 11am-4pm
Friday 11am-4pm
Saturday 10am-7pm
Sunday 11am-6pm

Winter Catering Hours

From November 2020 to May 2021
Monday Closed
Tuesday-Friday 12-3pm
Saturday 11am-4pm
Sunday 11am-4pm