Welcome to Pitreavie Golf Club

Sport For All Festival

Pitreavie Golf Club is pleased to be involved in the Sport For All Festival program run by Dunfermline and West Fife Sports Council. Click on the link below for full details of all events.




  • Hole 2_Fairway
  • Hole 3_Green
  • Hole 4_Green
  • Hole 6_Tee
  • Hole 7_Green
  • Hole 12_Green


New Ordinary Members aged 31 years and over joining in 2014 will receive a discount on the standard price, paying £425 in year one and £450 in year two. 5 day Members can join for £300. 30 years and under can benefit from our sliding scale of membership fees. And there are incentives for existing members to receive a cash reward worth 10% of the new member’s fees in the first year and a further 10% if the new member stays for a second year. See Join Our Club for more details. And we now have a membership partnership with Muckhart Golf Club, allowing members to play games at both courses at no extra cost!

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