Pitreavie Golf Club

Ladies Section


Welcome to the Ladies Section of Pitreavie (Dunfermline) Golf Club

We have a small but competitive Ladies Section at Pitreavie (Dunfermline) Golf Club.  Ladies are Full Members and are represented on the Council.

Pitreavie (Dunfermline) Golf Club offers full or flexible membership.

Ladies Competition Day is a Wednesday and we enjoy reserved tee times in the morning and an evening slot of 45 minutes.

We help organise and take part in Mixed Club competitions as well as organising our Ladies Opens every season.  Details of our Ladies Open Greensomes and Open Senior Greensomes and also our Mixed Open Greensome are available from the Secretary, in the Clubhouse and on the competitions page of this site.

Pitreavie (Dunfermline) Golf Club 2019 Lady Captain is Tracey McCormack .

She can be contacted on 07917872002 or email tracey_1974@hotmail.co.uk

Tracy is supported by a ladies committee who oversee competitions, organise our ladies outing events and manage ladies’ handicapping. A number of our lady members are also active members of the Fife Ladies County Golf Association.  we can facilitate entry for Lady Members into various national and regional competitions.

New Lady Members and Lady Visitors are welcome.

A list of the ladies fixtures is shown.

Ladies Fixtures

Sat11/12-Person ScrambleScrambleLadies and Gents0830-1215
Sat15/2Am-Am 4-Person TeamStrokeplayLadies and Gents0730-1330
Sat7/33-Person ScrambleScrambleLadies and Gents0700-1300
Sat21/3Capt V Vice Capt Match4BBB Pairs MatchplayLadies and Gents0700-1300
Wed1/4Ladies Opening Day 9 holesStablefordLadies1500-1530
Sun5/4Ladies 1st SundayStablefordLadies1115-1130
Wed8/4Ladies Texas ScrambleScrambleLadies0930-1000 1215-1230 & 1700-1730
Sun12/44BBB Pairs Stableford OpenStablefordLadies and Gents0700-1430
Wed15/4Ladies Coronation FoursomesFoursomesLadies0930-1000 1215-1230 & 1700-1730
Sun19/4Ladies Magic StickStrokeplayLadies1115-1130
Wed22/4Ladies Captain’s PrizeStrokeplayLadies0930-1000 1215-1230 & 1700-1730
Sun26/4Ladies EMDStrokeplayLadies1115-1130
Mon27/4Ladies April 9-HolesStrokeplayLadies0930-1000 1215-1230 & 1700-1731
Wed29/4Ladies April MedalStrokeplayLadies0930-1000 1215-1230 & 1700-1730
Wed6/5Ladies Par CompetitionStrokeplayLadies0930-1000 1215-1230 & 1700-1730
Sun10/5Ladies Fair ShieldStrokeplayLadies1115-1130
Wed13/5Ladies Mallinson Trophy 1st 18StrokeplayLadies0930-1000 1215-1230 & 1700-1730
Wed20/5Ladies Mallinson Trophy 2nd 18StrokeplayLadies0930-1000 1215-1230 & 1700-1730
Mon25/5Ladies May 9-HolesStrokeplayLadies0930-1000 1215-1230 & 1700-1730
Wed27/5Ladies May Medal & RabbitsLadies0930-1000 1215-1230 & 1700-1730
Wed3/6Ladies Ella Steedman 1st 18StrokeplayLadies0930-1000 1215-1230 & 1700-1730
Sun7/6Ladies Ella Steedman 2nd 18StrokeplayLadies1115-1130
Wed10/6Ladies Ella Steedman 3rd 18StrokeplayLadies0930-1000 1215-1230 & 1700-1730
Wed17/6Ladies Memorial TrophyStrokeplayLadies0930-1000 1215-1230 & 1700-1730
Sat20/6Dr. Alister MacKenzie MedalLadies and Gents0700-1400
Wed24/6Ladies June MedalStrokeplayLadies0930-1000 1215-1230 & 1700-1730
Mon29/6Ladies June 9-HolesStrokeplayLadies0930-1000 1215-1230 & 1700-1730
Wed1/7Ladies Caira Rosebowl 1st 18StrokeplayLadies0930-1000 1215-1230 & 1700-1730
Sun5/7Ladies EMDStrokeplayLadies1115-1130
Sun12/73-Person Texas Scramble OpenScrambleLadies and Gents0730-1400
Wed15/7Ladies Caira Rosebowl 2nd 18StrokeplayLadies0930-1000 1215-1230 & 1700-1730
Sun19/7Ladies Basket TrophyStablefordLadies1115-1130
Wed22/7Ladies July MedalStrokeplayLadies0930-1000 1215-1230 & 1700-1731
Sun26/7Ladies EMDStrokeplayLadies1115-1130
Mon27/7Ladies July 9-HolesStrokeplayLadies
Wed29/7Ladies Club Championship 1st 18 QualifierStrokeplayLadies0930-1000 1215-1230 & 1700-1730
Wed5/8Ladies Club Championship 2nd 18 QualifierStrokeplayLadies0930-1000 1215-1230 & 1700-1730
Wed12/8Ladies August MedalStrokeplayLadies0930-1000 1215-1230 & 1700-1730
Sat15/8Ladies Club Championship Semi-FinalsMatchplayLadies1115-1130
Sun16/8Ladies Club Championship FinalMatchplayLadies1115-1130
Wed26/8Ladies Tee To GreenStrokeplayLadies0930-1000 1215-1230 & 1700-1730
Wed2/9Ladies Bates Quaich 2 Clubs & Putter 9 holesStrokeplayLadies0930-1000 1215-1230 & 1700-1730
Sun6/9Ladies September MedalStrokeplayLadies1115-1130
Wed9/9Ladies Captain V Secretary 9 HolesStrokeplayLadies1500-1530
Sun20/9Ladies Open GreensomesGreensomesLadies1000-1400
Sun11/10Ladies All WinnersStrokeplayLadies1115-1130
Sat17/10Memorial Day 4-Person TeamStablefordLadies Gents and Juniors0800-1315
Sat12/12December Am-Am 4-person TeamStrokeplayLadies and Gents0830-1148