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Junior Convenor : Arthur Harper – email authurharper442@btinternet.com


Junior competitions are in two categories:-

(a) 18 hole competitions with a maximum handicap of 36

(b) 9 hole competitions which are for beginners and juniors who are not strong enough to complete 18 holes. Maximum handicap for 9 hole players is 36. There are also two age groups for 9 hole players:- 12 years and under and 13 years and over.

Entry sheets for each competition will be posted on the Junior’s notice board at least one week before the competition date. All those who wish to play should put their name on the sheet as early as possible.

In all 18 hole competitions and when playing for an 18 hole handicap, boys should play from the yellow tees and girls from the red tees. (Exception- The Junior Championship which for the boys is played off the white tees).

In 9 hole competitions boys and girls play from the blue tees.

To obtain a handicap a junior member must submit 3 completed score cards marked by a club member who has a handicap,(adult or junior) to the Junior Convenor.

Juniors playing in a 9 hole competition who wish to play for an 18 hole handicap can play in the 9 hole competition and then complete the 18 holes for handicap. In this case boys must play from the yellow tees for all 18 holes.

Before any game of golf, players should ensure that they have:-

  • Enough tee pegs and golf balls
  • A ball marker and a pitch mark repairer
  • A pen or pencil
  • No more than 14 clubs
  • Suitable clothing for the weather conditions and an umbrella
  • Please note that denim jeans are not allowed when playing golf


In addition to the current R & A Rules and PDGC Local Rules the following Junior Local Rules apply to the 9 holes competitions only.

  • A ball landing in the deep rough must be lifted and placed in the semi rough within 1 club length of the deep rough and not nearer the hole, without penalty.
  • A ball remaining in a bunker after one attempt to play it out must be dropped outside the bunker, not nearer the hole without penalty.
  • There is a one stroke penalty when a ball is removed from a water hazard. However if the next stroke returns the ball into the same water hazard the stroke is retaken without further penalty.
  • The maximum number of strokes recorded for any hole is 10.


Etiquette is an unwritten code of how to conduct yourself on the golf course. Some points of etiquette are as follows:-

  • Arriving in plenty time for your tee-off time, wishing your playing partners good luck at the start of a round, and during the round watching where your playing partners ball lands.
  • Speed of Play:- It is extremely important that you play at a good pace, this doesn’t mean that you have to race around the course but you must always try to keep up with the group ahead of you.

Some causes of slow play are:-

  • Chatting on or around the greens or tees (Talk as you walk between shots)
  • Marking scorecards on the green (Do it at the next tee)
  • Walking slowly between shots
  • Waiting till it is your turn to putt before looking at the line (start looking at the line as soon as it is possible without interfering with your playing partner’s shot)

Always leave the golf course as you would like to find it e.g. Rake bunkers after you have played out, repair pitch marks on the greens and always replace divots.

Respect your playing partners, play to the rules, keep still and quiet when others are playing a shot.

When on the green:-

  • Mark your ball until it is your turn to putt.
  • Keep your shadow away from other players line or ball
  • Avoid standing on other players line to the hole
  • Ensure the flagstick is carefully replaced before leaving the green

When you complete your round, remove your hat before shaking hands with your playing partners

The above are some of the many demonstrations of the etiquette carried out in this wonderful game of golf. Ask questions, observe other players and learn more.


Coaching sessions will be organised by the Junior Convenor for all levels of performance of the Club Juniors.

The coaching will be carried out by PGA professionals for all stages and there will also be basic coaching to Level 1 standard carried out by club members who have the required coaching certificate.

All coaching fees will be subsidised from the Junior’s fund which comes from fund raising events and donations from members

Clubgolf Scotland run a development programme which is very good value for money. Anyone who is interested should visit the Clubgolf Scotland website for more information. At present the development centres in Fife are at Cluny Clays, Wellsgreen, St Andrews and Elie.

Fife Golfing Association also run a golfing academy during the winter months. Golf clubs in Fife are usually asked to nominate Juniors from their club whom they think have the potential to become Fife county players.

Tee Time Restrictions

During the summer season Juniors are not permitted to tee off during the following times:-

Mon – Fri 4-30PM-6-30PM

Sat-Sun prior to 1 PM

Juniors’ Notice Board

It is important to look at the notice board regularly so that you can take advantage of all the things that are taking place, and PLEASE PUT YOUR NAME DOWN EARLY FOR SOMETHING YOU ARE INTERESTED IN. It will help your Junior Convenor to make the necessary arrangements.

There is an awful lot to learn but it will be done in stages. The important thing is that You enjoy this wonderful game. Do not be afraid to ask questions about anything you are not sure of.

Good luck to all of you.

Arthur Harper

Juniors’ Convenor