Pitreavie Golf Club

Flexible Membership

Join Pitreavie Golf Club on our new PlayMore Golf Flexible membership scheme before Midnight on Wednesday 30th September you will receive additional points using promo code PETERFINCH20

If you feel this may be the golf membership for you, please visit our PlayMore Golf page 

https://www.playmore.golf/explore/Club/Pitreavie-Golf-Club/430 for more information on Instalment plans and how it all works.

NEW – FLEXIBLE Membership at Pitreavie Golf Club

How PlayMoreGolf Works
For £350 you will become a genuine flexible member at Pitreavie Golf Club for a year. As a flexible member, you will receive 100 points; 80 points sit in a ‘home’ balance which can only be used at Pitreavie Golf Club. 20 points sit in a ‘flexi’ balance and can be used across our entire network of partner clubs.
  • Play at 260+ different clubs
    Use your flexi points to play at the many golf clubs in our network
  • Bring up to 3 guests
  • Golf is better with friends, bring along guests or add another member to your booking
  • PlayMoreGolf is the perfect membership for the infrequent golfer who still wants to be a member of a golf club. 

    As a PlayMoreGolf flexible member of Pitreavie Golf Club, you can: 

    Hold an official handicap
    Having a flexible membership means that you can hold a genuine golf handicap

    Play in all monthly medal and stableford competitions,Play in all midweek competitions (excluding majors)