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You will shortly be receiving your annual subscription notice by email. Please note you have until 30 JUNE to make payment. As indicated in last week’s newsletter, as per the club’s constitution any member who has not paid by 1st July will be deemed to have resigned, will have their BRS disabled and not be able to play or use the clubhouse. Any member who pays after 1st July will be subject to a £20 administration charge and no exceptions will be made.

There are various ways you can pay and these are detailed below:

Payments of 2019/20 subscriptions – Guidelines

• You can pay your fees IN FULL
• In the bar with your loyalty card
• by monthly direct debits via LINK – https://www.orchardfunding.co.uk/LeisureFunding.aspx
• direct to the club secretary or assistant secretary (Monday – Friday 9.30 am – 3.30 pm)

Payments made by internet/phone banking by BACS.

Members MUST PLEASE use their name AND MEMBERSHIP NUMBER as a reference on BACS payment. Clydesdale Bank Sort Code 82-67-25 Account no. 20067304. Please also let the club secretary know you have made payment in this way either by phone (01383 7225991 option 1) or email secretary@pitreaviegolfclub.co.uk.

Bar Loyalty Card Holders

• Members in possession of a loyalty card can make their payment by cash, cheque or direct debit/credit card at the bar. A till receipt will be issued and this should be retained by the member. Cash held on the loyalty card cannot be used towards the annual subscriptions. If you do not have a bar loyalty card it is possible you may not have collected it yet. Please contact Fraser the Club Secretary or Sheila the Assistant Secretary or email secretary@pitreaviegolfclub.co.uk

Payment by instalments (Direct Debit).

If you wish to pay in instalments – please

• Advise the Club Secretary or Assistant Secretary either by phone or email BEFORE FRIDAY 14 JUNE
• Visit https://www.orchardfunding.co.uk/LeisureFunding.aspx and register with them using your membership number BEFORE FRIDAY 14 JUNE PLEASE. See their website for more details and the administration charge.
• NB – the club DOES NOT operate its own instalment plan – the only method of paying the 2019/20 fees is via Orchard funding.

Email address – please ensure – if you change your email address you let me know. If your friends are not receiving Club emails – ask them to contact secretary@pitreaviegolfclub.co.uk

Fraser Jervis
Club Secretary

Fixture List for 2019

To add fixtures to your device calendar

On your device (phone, tablet or PC) go to the PDGC homepage in your internet browser.

Go to the “Upcoming Events” section.

Underneath the events there are 2 icons – Add and View Calendar.

To add all published fixtures to your calendar (i.e. Gents, Ladies, Juniors, Mixed etc.) click on Add and select the appropriate choice for your device/calendar.

To add only a specific category of events (i.e. Gents) click on view calendar

On the calendar page click on Categories

Select the category(s) you want (i.e. Gents & Seniors)

Click on “Subscribe to filtered calendar” button (shown below the calendar)

Select the appropriate choice for your device/calendar.

This will add all the published events to your calendar and will add new events automatically as they are added.


To open a printable list of fixtures in text format click the link.

Fixture List 2019

New Local Instructions

(Effective from 1st January 2019)

Out of Bounds

Out of bounds is defined by the line between the course-side points at ground level of white stakes and fence posts. Out of bounds is also defined by the course-side kerb stones on the road beside the 18th fairway.

The practice ground between the 13th, 4th, 15th and 16th fairways is out of bounds. The boundary is defined by the course-side points at ground level of white stakes.

Penalty Areas

All Penalty areas are defined as RED

Abnormal Course Conditions – Immovable Obstructions Rule 16 include

a) All artificially surfaced roads and paths on the course outwith a Penalty Area. All other paths and tracks are an integral part of the Genaral Area.

  1. b) Concrete tee and fairway distance markers, hydrant covers, sprinkier heads, bell stands and on course seats/benches.
  2. c) Trees and shrubs which are staked or otherwise identified or protected (eg by wrapping) or below 1 club – length in height: relief must be taken if such a tree or shrub interferes with a player’s stance or the area of his intended swing.

Pin Placement

On putting greens the position of the pins is identified by the colour of the flag

                        Front: RED                Centre: BLUE           Back: YELLOW   

Distance measuring Devices

Distance may be obtained by devices that measure or gauge distance only


Many fairways are blind from the tee and bell standards must be used to advise when fairways are clear. Extra caution should be taken where visibility of adjacent fairways is limited. Particular care should be taken when playing from the second, third, seventh and eighteenth tees.

Temporary Local Rules

See Notice Board for any Local Rules in force

Local Rules

There are no local rules in force

New Rules of Golf for 2019

The new Rules (2019) can be found at www.RandA.org, , in the Players Edition of the Rules of Golf (a few copies remain available by the bar), or from the app store (R&A Rules of Golf 2019).

Scorecards, showing 2018 instructions, will continue to be used until new cards reflecting 2019 instructions are produced. Information on the back of the 2018 cards is no longer valid and should not be used.

Some 2019 penalty areas (all now red)(rule 17.1d) include 2018 water hazards (old rule 26) which are currently marked in yellow, these must now be treated as red penalty areas. They will all be marked in red before the beginning of the season.

Temporary Local Rule 4 shows that the areas around the new trees planted along the 18th fairway are to be treated as No Play Zones and these areas will shortly be marked in blue.

Brian Halliday
Vice Captain

Subscription Payments

Full details about how to pay your subscription can be found in this document: 2018-19 How to pay your subscription


This website has been designed with the intention of the site being functional to both visitors and members alike. Any members suggestions for additions, improvements etc will be gratefully considered. Suggestions should be made via the Secretary. See Contact Details page.