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Mats Update

Mats are now in play on the fairways and first cut. They are also to be used on the carry over the burn at the 1st hole and up the slope to the green.

New Members

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The Greens Committee is made up of the Greens Convener, the Head Greenkeeper, & a small group of Golf Club members who meet regularly to discuss Golf Course condition, set-up, and any relevant priorities for seasonal work such as the “Winter Programme”.
Recommendations from the Greens Committee are taken forward to Club Council, and if approved, are then issued to the Greens Staff for execution.
The make-up of the Greens Committee is typically such that it represents a broad cross-section of the membership in terms of age, golfing ability, etc.
Current members of the team are:
Colin Bain (Greens Convener)
Jim Blackwood (Asst. Greens Convener)
Stephen Jack (Head Greenkeeper)
Stan Lindsay (Club Captain)
Stuart Birrell
Ewan Cameron
Jane Macdonald
Club Members are encouraged to feedback on course related matters through this forum, and any input, suggestions, or observations, can be submitted to the group via the email address – pdgcgreens@gmail.comEwan Cameron
Greens Commitee

Winter Program of Work

The following is the winter program for the period Nov 2017 to end of Feb 2018

Mats are now in play on the fairways and first cut. They are also to be used on the carry over the burn at the 1st hole and up the slope to the green.

  1. Drainage work on the 3rd green will start on the 13th of Nov and for short periods of time, the hole will be out of commission. This will be kept to a minimum to allow staff and machinery access to the work area.
  2. Work on the 7th green will start on the 20th of Nov and during the work period, the temporary green will be in commission.
  3. A stump grinder will work at the 6th, 11th , 12th and other areas if deemed necessary and within budget restraints.
  4. The burn at the side of the 13th green will be filled in.
  5. Repairs to the path at the 9th over the burn and up the gully will be carried out.

Other work planned to be undertaken, will be shutting off access to the 2nd fairway at Oak Drive.

Other works under consideration are :-

Repairs to the burn culvert at the 1st.

Turf nurseries.

Filling in of the drainage ditch at the side of the 3rd hole.

Repairs to the path at the side of the 18th tee.

The mats at the 1st tee will be replaced as cost effectively as possible.

Subjects brought up by council members for consideration :-

Areas of playable rough 7th, 8th and 14th.

We are at the quotes stage for work regarding the new vehicles shed and material bays.

Scottish Golf

    • At a meeting of the council held on Tuesday 24th October we discussed the proposal from Scottish Golf.  There was a unanimous decision to vote against the proposal at the Scottish Golf SGM
    • The CEO of Scottish Golf has resigned with immediate effect therefore the scheduled SGM has been postponed until March 2018
    • The meeting on 2nd December will go ahead as a public meeting  for any golf club members to question the Scottish Golf committee and to air their views.
    • For further information please visit https://www.scottishgolf.org/who-we-are/scottish-golf-strategy/


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