Pitreavie Golf Club

Fixtures & Results

Please note fixtures below may be subject to minor changes.

G=Gents J=Juniors L=Ladies M=Mixed

OB=Open Booking (bookings accepted inside competition times for non-competition players)

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Sat28 January2-Person Scramble (L&G)0812-1242Result
Sat11 FebruaryAm-Am (4-Person Team Strokeplay) (L&G)0740-1322Result
Sat18 March3-Person Scramble (L&G)0700-1430Result
Sun19 MarchFife Boys Academy Match0945-1045
Sat25 MarchCapt. vs Vice Capt. Match (4 BBB Pairs Matchplay) (L&G)0700-1430Result
Capt 45 / Vice 57
Mon - Fri27 - 31 MarchGreens Spiking Works
Sat01 AprilTexas Scramble (G)0700-1430Result
Mon03 AprilJunior Summer League (J)1330-1400
Wed05 AprilJunior Masters (J)1330-1400
Wed05 AprilLadies Opening Day Captain V Secretary 1500-1530
Sun09 AprilPitreavie Masters (Strokeplay) (G)0800-1400OBResult
Sun9 AprilLadies 1st Sunday (Non-counting)(Strokeplay) (L)1115-1130
Mon10 AprilMedal (J)1330-1400
Wed12 AprilHerbertson Trophy (J)1330-1400
Wed12 AprilTexas Scramble (L)0930-1000 & 1215-1230 & 1700-1722Result
Sat15 AprilLadies Cuthbertson Cup (Counties) Junior Jamboree (L) 0930-1037 & 1415-1500Fife Junior Girls won against Stirling & Clackmannashire in the final
Sun16 April4BBB Stableford (Pairs) Open (L&G)0800-1600Result
Wed19 AprilCoronation 4’s (Foursomes) (L)0930-1000 &1215-1230 & 1700-1722Result
Thu20 AprilQualifying Stableford (G)0800-1645OBResult
Sat22 AprilJoe Flaherty Memorial Trophy (4BBB Pairs strokeplay) (G)0700-1430Result
Sun23 AprilFor Handicap Game 1 (G)0800-1700OB
Sun23 AprilMagic Stick (Non-counting)(Strokeplay) (L)1115-1130
Sun23 AprilJunior Summer League (J)1330-1400
Tue25 AprilQualifying Medal (G)0800-1700OBResult
Wed26 AprilLadies April Medal, Eclectic (L)0930-1000, 1215-1230 & 1700-1722Result
Sun30 AprilErnie Girdler (Greensomes Qualifier) (G)0800-1400OBResult
Sun30 AprilLadies EMD (Strokeplay) (L)1115-1130Result
Sun30 AprilJunior Summer League (J) 1330-1400
Mon01 MaySeniors Caledonia League, St Michaels (A)1200+
Mon01 MayMedal (J)1330-1400
Tue02 MayQualifying Stableford 1 (G)0800-1715OBResult
Wed03 MayPar (L)0930-1000 & 1215-1230 & 1707-1730Result
Thu04 MayGents Seniors 2 Man Texas Scramble Open (G)0800-1600Result
Sat06 MayMay Medal (G)0700-1430Result
Sun07 MayFor Handicap Game 2 (G)0800-1730OB
Sun07 MayLadies EMD (Stableford) (L)1115-1130
Sun07 MayJunior Summer League (J)1330-1400
Mon08 MaySeniors Friendly, Canmore (H)0930+
Tue09 MayQualifying Stableford 2 (G)0800-1730OBResult
Wed10 MayMallinson Trophy (1st 18) (Strokeplay) (L)0930-1000 & 1215-1230 & 1707-1730Result
Sun14 MayInvitation Scramble (4-Man Team) (G)0800-1430Result
Tue16 MayMay Qualifying Medal (G)0800-1745Result
Wed17 MayMallinson Trophy (2nd 18) (Strokeplay) (L)0930-1000 & 1215-1230 & 1707-1730
Sat20 MayDr Morris (Strokeplay Qualifier) (G)0700-1430Result
Sun21 MayFor Handicap Game 3 (G)0800-1800OBResult
Sun21 MayFair Shield (Strokeplay) (L)1115-1130Result
Sun21 MayJunior Summer League (J)1330-1400
Mon22 MaySeniors Caledonia League, Charleton (H)1000+
Wed24 MayMixed Challenge Cup (Foursomes) (M)1630-1730Result
Thu25 MayQualifying Stableford 3 (G)0800-1800OBResult
Sat27 MayCharity Medal (G)0700-1430Result
Sun28 MayTexas Scramble Open (G)0730-1603Result
Mon29 MaySeniors Caledonia League, Murrayshall (H)0930+
Tue30 MayQualifying Stableford 4 (G)0800-1800OBResult
Wed31 MayMedal, Rabbits & Captain's Prize (L)0930-1000 & 1215-1230 & 1707-1730Result
Sat03 JuneMedal (G)0700-1400
Sun04 JuneFor Handicap Game 4 (G)0800-1815OBResult
Sun04 JuneJunior Summer League (J)1330-1400
Mon05 JuneMedal (J)1330-1400
Tue06 JuneQualifying Stableford 1 (G)0800-1815OB
Wed07 JuneElla Steedman (1st 18) (Strokeplay) (L)0930-1000 & 1215-1230 & 1707-1730Result
Sun11 JunePeter Ogg (36 Hole H’'cap Strokeplay Qualifier) (G)0745-0930 & 1230-1430Result
Sun11 JuneElla Steedman (2nd 18) (Strokeplay) (L)1330-1345Result
Tue13 JuneSeniors 4 BBB(Pairs) Open (G)0800-1606Result
Wed14 JuneElla Steedman (3rd 18) (Strokeplay) (L)0930-1000 & 1215-1230 & 1707-1730Result
Tue13 JuneSeniors Caledonia League, Charleton (A)1100+
Thu15 JuneQualifying Medal (G)0800-1815OBResult
Sat17 JuneDr Alister MacKenzie Medal (L&G)0700-1430OBResult
Sun18 JuneFor Handicap Game 5 (G)0800-1815OBResult
Sun18 JuneJunior Summer League (J)1330-1400
Tue20 JuneQualifying Stableford 2 (G)0800-1815OB
Wed21 JuneSeniors Caledonia League, Forfar (A)1230+
Wed21 JuneLadies Invitation (Greensomes) (L)1600-1800
Sat24 JuneAndrew Carnegie Open(1st 18) (Strokeplay) (G)0700-1600
Sun25 JuneAndrew Carnegie Open (2nd 18) (Strokeplay) (G)0700-1600
Mon26 JuneSeniors Friendly, Canmore (A)0930+
Tue27 JuneQualifying Stableford 3 (G)0800-1815OB
Wed28 JuneMedal (L)0930-1000 & 1215-1230 & 1707-1730
Sat1 JulyJuly Medal (G)0700-1400
Sun02 JulySeniors Medal (G)0800-1815OB
Sun02 JulyJunior Summer League (J)1330-1400
Mon03 JulyJuly Medal (J)1330-1400
Tue04 JulySeniors Open Classic (Strokeplay) (G)0800-1600
Wed05 JulyCaira Rosebowl (1st 18) (Strokeplay) (L)0930-1000 & 1215-1230 & 1707-1730
Wed05 JulyJunior Summer League (J)1330-1400
Thu06 JulyQualifying Stableford1 (G)0800-1815OB
Sun09 JulyR.H.Motion & Metropolitan Cups (36 Hole Scr & H'’cap Strokeplay) (Scr Qualifier) (G)0745-0930 & 1230-1430
Sun09 JulyEMD (Strokeplay) (L)1115-1130
Sun09 JulyJunior Summer League (J)1430-1500
Mon10 JulySeniors Caledonia League, St Michaels (H)1200+
Mon10 JulyFife Insurance Services Trophy (L J&G)1400-1500
Tue11 JulyQualifying Stableford 2 (G)0800-1815OB
Wed12 JulyCaira Rosebowl (2nd 18) (Strokeplay) (L)0930-1000 & 1215-1230 & 1707-1730
Wed12 JulyEwan Cameron Shield (J)1330-1430
Thu13 JulySeniors Club Championship (1st 18 Scr & H'’cap Strokeplay, best 2 scores from 3) (G)0800-1815OB
Sat15 JulyDave Carter Stableford (G)0700-1400
Sun16 July3-Person Texas Scramble Open (L&G)0700-1600
Mon17 July0921 Trophy (J)1330-1430
Tue18 JulyQualifying Medal (G)0800-1800OB
Mon19 JulySeniors Caledonia League, Balbirnie (H)1000+
Wed19 JulyMemorial Trophy (Strokeplay) (L)0930-1000 & 1215-1230 & 1707-1730
Wed19 JulyAndrew Cumming Trophy (J)1330-1400
Thu20 JulySeniors Club Championship (2nd 18 Scr & H’'cap Strokeplay, best 2 scores from 3) (G)0800-1800OB
Sat22 JulyAdmiral Green (Bogey) (G)0700-1400
Sun23 JulyLord Bruce Match V Canmore (A) (Scr. 4BBB)0930
Sun23 JulyFor Handicap Game 6 (G)0800-1745OB
Sun23 JulyBasket Trophy (Strokeplay) (L)1115-1130
Sun23 JulyJunior Summer League (J)1330-1400
Mon24 JulyJunior Club Championship (J) (1st 18)1330-1400 & 1730-1800
Tue25 JulyJuly Qualifying Stableford 3 (G)0800-1745OB
Wed26 JulySeniors Caledonia League, Forfar (H)1230+
Wed26 JulyMedal (L)0930-1000 & 1215-1230 & 1707-1730
Wed26 JulyJunior Summer League (J)1330-1400
Thu27 JulySeniors Club Championship (3rd/Final 18 Scr & H’cap Strokeplay, best 2 scores from 3) (G)0800-1745OB
Sat29 JulyAlan Fraser Trophies (Scr. &H’cap Strokeplay) (G)0700-1400
Sun30 JulyFor Handicap Game 7 (G)0800-1730
Sun30 JulyEMD (Strokeplay) (L)1115-1130
Sun30 JulyJunior Summer League (J)1330-1400
Mon31 JulyJunior Club Championship (J) (2nd 18)1330-1400 & 1730-1800
Tue01 AugustQualifying Stableford 1 (G)0800-1730OB
Tue01 AugustSeniors Caledonian League, Murrayshall (A)0930+
Wed02 AugustLadies Club Championship (1st 18 Qualifier) (Strokeplay) (L)0930-1000 & 1215-1230 & 1707-1730
Thu03 AugustJunior Open (J)1100-1400
Sat05 AugustAugust Medal (G)0700-1330
Sun06 AugustPitreavie Open (Strokeplay) (G)0700-1600
Mon07 AugustMedal (J)1330-1430
Wed09 AugustLadies Club Championship (2nd 18 Qualifier) (Strokeplay) (L)0930-1000 &1215-1230 & 1707-1730
Wed09 AugustJunior Summer League (J)1330-1400
Thu10 AugustQualifying Stableford 2 (G)0800-1715OB
Sat12 AugustLadies Club Championship (Semi-Finals) (Matchplay) (L)1430 -1445
Sun13 AugustClub Championship & Andrew Malcolm Memorial Trophy, 1st 36, Scr & H'cap Strokeplay Qual’s) (G)0730-1600
Sun13 AugustLadies Club Championship (Final) (Matchplay) (L)1430 - 1445
Mon14 AugustJunior Summer League (J)1330-1400
Tue15 AugustSeniors Texas Scramble Open (L & G)0800-1600
Wed16 August2 Ball Foursome (L)0930-1000, 1215-1230 & 1700-1722
Thu17 AugustQualifying Medal (G)0800-1700OB
Thu17 AugustSeniors Caledonian League, Balbirnie (A)1200+
Sat19 AugustA K Morris (Stableford) (G)0700-1330
Sun20 AugustClub Championship & Andrew Malcolm Memorial Trophy (2nd 36 Scr & H'’cap Strokeplay) (G)0700-0930 & 1130-1430
Sun20 AugustEMD (Strokeplay) (L)1115-1130
Sun20 AugustJunior Summer League (J)1430-1500
Mon - Fri21 -25 AugustGreens Coring Works
Wed23 AugustEMD (Non-counting) (Strokeplay) (L)0930-1000, 1215-1230 & 1700-1722
Wed30 AugustMedal (L)0930-1000 & 1215-1230 & 1700-1722
Thu31 AugustQualifying Stableford 3 (G)0800-1630OB
Sun03 SeptemberSir Alexander Gibb & James Currie MacBeth Cups (36 Hole Scr & H'cap Strokeplay) (G)0745-0930 & 1230-1430
Sun03 SeptemberMedal (L)1115-1145
Sun03 SeptemberJunior Summer League (J)1430-1500
Tue05 SeptemberQualifying Stableford 1 (G)0800-1615OB
Wed06 SeptemberBates Quaich 2 Clubs & Putter (Strokeplay) (L)0930-1000 & 1215-1230 & 1700-1722
Sat09 SeptemberMedal (G)0700-1330
Sun10 SeptemberMixed Open (Greensomes) (M)0930-1500
Tue12 SeptemberQualifying Stableford 2 (G)0800-1600OB
Wed 13 SeptemberCaptain V Secretary (9 Holes) (4BBB Matchplay) (L)1500-1530
Thu14 SeptemberSeniors 3-Man Scramble Open (G)0800-1600
Sun17 SeptemberFamous Grouse Foursomes (G)0800-1600OB
Sun17 SeptemberMedal (J)1330-1430
Tue19 SeptemberQualifying Medal (G)0800-1530OB
Sat23 SeptemberPeter Reid (Strokeplay) (G)0700-1330
Sun24 SeptemberLadies Open (Greensomes) (L)0900-1500
Tue26 SeptemberQualifying Stableford 3 (G)0800-1515OB
Sun01 October4 BBB Open (G)0730-1430
Tue03 OctoberQualifying Medal (G)0800-1500OB
Sat07 OctoberStableford (G)0730-1400
Sun08 OctoberInvitation Am-Am (4-Man Team Strokeplay) (G)0800-1400
Mon09 OctoberJunior Summer League (J)1330-1400
Tue10 OctoberQualifying Stableford (G)0800-1445OB
Wed11 OctoberMedal (J)1330-1400
Sat14 OctoberMemorial Day (4-Person Team Stableford) (L J & G)0740-1416
Sun15 OctoberFinals Day (G)1000-1100
Sun15 OctoberLadies All Winners (Strokeplay) (L)1115 - 1130
Mon16 OctoberJunior Summer League (J)1330-1400
Wed18 OctoberAll Winners (J)1330-1400
Sat21 OctoberCol.R.H.Robertson Cup (Strokeplay) (G)0800-1330
Sun22 OctoberCancellation Sunday - No Visiting Parties
Sat28 OctoberCancellation Saturday - No Visiting Parties
Sun29 OctoberAll Winners (G)1000-1230
Sat04 NovemberWinter Texas Scramble (G)0730-1245
Sat11 November4 BBB(G)0740-1228
Sat09 DecemberDecember Am-Am (4-person Team Strokeplay) (L&G)0824-1200