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To see some notes and historic information on current and former club competitions click here.  Information is listed in date order of competitions played in 2017

Please note fixtures below may be subject to minor changes.

G=Gents J=Juniors L=Ladies M=Mixed

OB=Open Booking (bookings accepted inside competition times for non-competition players)

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Sat28 January2-Person Scramble (L&G)0812-1242Result
Sat11 FebruaryAm-Am (4-Person Team Strokeplay) (L&G)0740-1322Result
Sat18 March3-Person Scramble (L&G)0700-1430Result
Sun19 MarchFife Boys Academy Match0945-1045
Sat25 MarchCapt. vs Vice Capt. Match (4 BBB Pairs Matchplay) (L&G)0700-1430Result
Capt 45 / Vice 57
Mon - Fri27 - 31 MarchGreens Spiking Works
Sat01 AprilTexas Scramble (G)0700-1430Result
Mon03 AprilJunior Summer League (J)1330-1400
Wed05 AprilJunior Masters (J)1330-1400
Wed05 AprilLadies Opening Day Captain V Secretary 1500-1530
Sun09 AprilPitreavie Masters (Strokeplay) (G)0800-1400OBResult
Sun9 AprilLadies 1st Sunday (Non-counting)(Strokeplay) (L)1115-1130
Mon10 AprilMedal (J)1330-1400
Wed12 AprilHerbertson Trophy (J)1330-1400
Wed12 AprilTexas Scramble (L)0930-1000 & 1215-1230 & 1700-1722Result
Sat15 AprilLadies Cuthbertson Cup (Counties) Junior Jamboree (L) 0930-1037 & 1415-1500Fife Junior Girls won against Stirling & Clackmannashire in the final
Sun16 April4BBB Stableford (Pairs) Open (L&G)0800-1600Result
Wed19 AprilCoronation 4’s (Foursomes) (L)0930-1000 &1215-1230 & 1700-1722Result
Thu20 AprilQualifying Stableford (G)0800-1645OBResult
Sat22 AprilJoe Flaherty Memorial Trophy (4BBB Pairs strokeplay) (G)0700-1430Result
Sun23 AprilFor Handicap Game 1 (G)0800-1700OB
Sun23 AprilMagic Stick (Non-counting)(Strokeplay) (L)1115-1130
Sun23 AprilJunior Summer League (J)1330-1400
Tue25 AprilQualifying Medal (G)0800-1700OBResult
Wed26 AprilLadies April Medal, Eclectic (L)0930-1000, 1215-1230 & 1700-1722Result
Sun30 AprilErnie Girdler (Greensomes Qualifier) (G)0800-1400OBResult
Sun30 AprilLadies EMD (Strokeplay) (L)1115-1130Result
Sun30 AprilJunior Summer League (J) 1330-1400
Mon01 MaySeniors Caledonia League, St Michaels (A)1200+
Mon01 MayMedal (J)1330-1400
Tue02 MayQualifying Stableford 1 (G)0800-1715OBResult
Wed03 MayPar (L)0930-1000 & 1215-1230 & 1707-1730Result
Thu04 MayGents Seniors 2 Man Texas Scramble Open (G)0800-1600Result
Sat06 MayMay Medal (G)0700-1430Result
Sun07 MayFor Handicap Game 2 (G)0800-1730OB
Sun07 MayLadies EMD (Stableford) (L)1115-1130
Sun07 MayJunior Summer League (J)1330-1400
Mon08 MaySeniors Friendly, Canmore (H)0930+
Tue09 MayQualifying Stableford 2 (G)0800-1730OBResult
Wed10 MayMallinson Trophy (1st 18) (Strokeplay) (L)0930-1000 & 1215-1230 & 1707-1730Result
Sun14 MayInvitation Scramble (4-Man Team) (G)0800-1430Result
Tue16 MayMay Qualifying Medal (G)0800-1745Result
Wed17 MayMallinson Trophy (2nd 18) (Strokeplay) (L)0930-1000 & 1215-1230 & 1707-1730
Sat20 MayDr Morris (Strokeplay Qualifier) (G)0700-1430Result
Sun21 MayFor Handicap Game 3 (G)0800-1800OBResult
Sun21 MayFair Shield (Strokeplay) (L)1115-1130Result
Sun21 MayJunior Summer League (J)1330-1400
Mon22 MaySeniors Caledonia League, Charleton (H)1000+
Wed24 MayMixed Challenge Cup (Foursomes) (M)1630-1730Result
Thu25 MayQualifying Stableford 3 (G)0800-1800OBResult
Sat27 MayCharity Medal (G)0700-1430Result
Sun28 MayTexas Scramble Open (G)0730-1603Result
Mon29 MaySeniors Caledonia League, Murrayshall (H)0930+
Tue30 MayQualifying Stableford 4 (G)0800-1800OBResult
Wed31 MayMedal, Rabbits & Captain's Prize (L)0930-1000 & 1215-1230 & 1707-1730Result
Sat03 JuneMedal (G)0700-1400
Sun04 JuneFor Handicap Game 4 (G)0800-1815OBResult
Sun04 JuneJunior Summer League (J)1330-1400
Mon05 JuneMedal (J)1330-1400
Tue06 JuneQualifying Stableford 1 (G)0800-1815OB
Wed07 JuneElla Steedman (1st 18) (Strokeplay) (L)0930-1000 & 1215-1230 & 1707-1730Result
Sun11 JunePeter Ogg (36 Hole H’'cap Strokeplay Qualifier) (G)0745-0930 & 1230-1430Result
Sun11 JuneElla Steedman (2nd 18) (Strokeplay) (L)1330-1345Result
Tue13 JuneSeniors 4 BBB(Pairs) Open (G)0800-1606Result
Wed14 JuneElla Steedman (3rd 18) (Strokeplay) (L)0930-1000 & 1215-1230 & 1707-1730Result
Tue13 JuneSeniors Caledonia League, Charleton (A)1100+
Thu15 JuneQualifying Medal (G)0800-1815OBResult
Sat17 JuneDr Alister MacKenzie Medal (L&G)0700-1430OBResult
Sun18 JuneFor Handicap Game 5 (G)0800-1815OBResult
Sun18 JuneJunior Summer League (J)1330-1400
Tue20 JuneQualifying Stableford 2 (G)0800-1815OBResult
Wed21 JuneSeniors Caledonia League, Forfar (A)1230+
Wed21 JuneLadies Invitation (Greensomes) (L)1600-1800
Sat24 JuneAndrew Carnegie Open(1st 18) (Strokeplay) (G)0700-1600Result
Sun25 JuneAndrew Carnegie Open (2nd 18) (Strokeplay) (G)0700-1600Result
Mon26 JuneSeniors Friendly, Canmore (A)0930+
Tue27 JuneQualifying Stableford 3 (G)0800-1815OB
Wed28 JuneMedal (L)0930-1000 & 1215-1230 & 1707-1730Result
Sat1 JulyJuly Medal (G)0700-1400Result
Sun02 JulySeniors Medal (G)0800-1815OBResult
Sun02 JulyJunior Summer League (J)1330-1400
Mon03 JulyJuly Medal (J)1330-1400
Tue04 JulySeniors Open Classic (Strokeplay) (G)0800-1600Result
Wed05 JulyCaira Rosebowl (1st 18) (Strokeplay) (L)0930-1000 & 1215-1230 & 1707-1730
Wed05 JulyJunior Summer League (J)1330-1400
Thu06 JulyQualifying Stableford1 (G)0800-1815OBResult
Sun09 JulyR.H.Motion & Metropolitan Cups (36 Hole Scr & H'’cap Strokeplay) (Scr Qualifier) (G)0745-0930 & 1230-1430Result
Sun09 JulyEMD (Strokeplay) (L)1115-1130
Sun09 JulyJunior Summer League (J)1430-1500
Mon10 JulySeniors Caledonia League, St Michaels (H)1200+
Mon10 JulyFife Insurance Services Trophy (L J&G)1400-1500
Tue11 JulyQualifying Stableford 2 (G)0800-1815OBResult
Wed12 JulyCaira Rosebowl (2nd 18) (Strokeplay) (L)0930-1000 & 1215-1230 & 1707-1730
Wed12 JulyEwan Cameron Shield (J)1330-1430
Thu13 JulySeniors Club Championship (1st 18 Scr & H'’cap Strokeplay, best 2 scores from 3) (G)0800-1815OBResult
Sat15 JulyDave Carter Stableford (G)0700-1400
Sun16 July3-Person Texas Scramble Open (L&G)0700-1600Result
Mon17 July0921 Trophy (J)1330-1430
Tue18 JulyQualifying Medal (G)0800-1800OBResult
Mon19 JulySeniors Caledonia League, Balbirnie (H)1000+
Wed19 JulyMemorial Trophy (Strokeplay) (L)0930-1000 & 1215-1230 & 1707-1730
Wed19 JulyAndrew Cumming Trophy (J)1330-1400
Thu20 JulySeniors Club Championship (2nd 18 Scr & H’'cap Strokeplay, best 2 scores from 3) (G)0800-1800OBSee 3rd round result
Sat22 JulyAdmiral Green (Bogey) (G)0700-1400Result
Sun23 JulyLord Bruce Match V Canmore (A) (Scr. 4BBB)0930
Sun23 JulyFor Handicap Game 6 (G)0800-1745OB
Sun23 JulyBasket Trophy (Strokeplay) (L)1115-1130
Sun23 JulyJunior Summer League (J)1330-1400
Mon24 JulyJunior Club Championship (J) (1st 18)1330-1400 & 1730-1800
Tue25 JulyJuly Qualifying Stableford 3 (G)0800-1745OBResult
Wed26 JulySeniors Caledonia League, Forfar (H)1230+
Wed26 JulyMedal (L)0930-1000 & 1215-1230 & 1707-1730
Wed26 JulyJunior Summer League (J)1330-1400
Thu27 JulySeniors Club Championship (3rd/Final 18 Scr & H’cap Strokeplay, best 2 scores from 3) (G)0800-1745OBResult
Sat29 JulyAlan Fraser Trophies (Scr. &H’cap Strokeplay) (G)0700-1400Result
Sun30 JulyFor Handicap Game 7 (G)0800-1730
Sun30 JulyEMD (Strokeplay) (L)1115-1130
Sun30 JulyJunior Summer League (J)1330-1400
Mon31 JulyJunior Club Championship (J) (2nd 18)1330-1400 & 1730-1800
Tue01 AugustQualifying Stableford 1 (G)0800-1730OBResult
Tue01 AugustSeniors Caledonian League, Murrayshall (A)0930+
Wed02 AugustLadies Club Championship (1st 18 Qualifier) (Strokeplay) (L)0930-1000 & 1215-1230 & 1707-1730
Thu03 AugustJunior Open (J)1100-1400
Sat05 AugustAugust Medal (G)0700-1330Result
Sun06 AugustPitreavie Open (Strokeplay) (G)0700-1600Result
Mon07 AugustMedal (J)1330-1430
Wed09 AugustLadies Club Championship (2nd 18 Qualifier) (Strokeplay) (L)0930-1000 &1215-1230 & 1707-1730
Wed09 AugustJunior Summer League (J)1330-1400
Thu10 AugustQualifying Stableford 2 (G)0800-1715OBResult
Sat12 AugustLadies Club Championship (Semi-Finals) (Matchplay) (L)1430 -1445
Sun13 AugustClub Championship & Andrew Malcolm Memorial Trophy, 1st 36, Scr & H'cap Strokeplay Qual’s) (G)0730-1600Result
Sun13 AugustLadies Club Championship (Final) (Matchplay) (L)1430 - 1445
Mon14 AugustJunior Summer League (J)1330-1400
Tue15 AugustSeniors Texas Scramble Open (L & G)0800-1600Result
Wed16 August2 Ball Foursome (L)0930-1000, 1215-1230 & 1700-1722
Thu17 AugustQualifying Medal (G)0800-1700OBResult
Thu17 AugustSeniors Caledonian League, Balbirnie (A)1200+
Sat19 AugustA K Morris (Stableford) (G)0700-1330Result
Sun20 AugustClub Championship & Andrew Malcolm Memorial Trophy (2nd 36 Scr & H'’cap Strokeplay) (G)0700-0930 & 1130-1430
Sun20 AugustEMD (Strokeplay) (L)1115-1130
Sun20 AugustJunior Summer League (J)1430-1500
Mon - Fri21 -25 AugustGreens Coring Works
Wed23 AugustEMD (Non-counting) (Strokeplay) (L)0930-1000, 1215-1230 & 1700-1722
Wed30 AugustMedal (L)0930-1000 & 1215-1230 & 1700-1722
Thu31 AugustQualifying Stableford 3 (G)0800-1630OBResult
Sun03 SeptemberSir Alexander Gibb & James Currie MacBeth Cups (36 Hole Scr & H'cap Strokeplay) (G)0745-0930 & 1230-1430Result
Sun03 SeptemberMedal (L)1115-1145
Sun03 SeptemberJunior Summer League (J)1430-1500
Tue05 SeptemberQualifying Stableford 1 (G)0800-1615OBResult
Wed06 SeptemberBates Quaich 2 Clubs & Putter (Strokeplay) (L)0930-1000 & 1215-1230 & 1700-1722
Sat09 SeptemberMedal (G)0700-1330Result
Sun10 SeptemberMixed Open (Greensomes) (M)0930-1500Result
Tue12 SeptemberQualifying Stableford 2 (G)0800-1600OBResult
Wed 13 SeptemberCaptain V Secretary (9 Holes) (4BBB Matchplay) (L)1500-1530
Thu14 SeptemberSeniors 3-Man Scramble Open (G)0800-1600Result
Sun17 SeptemberFamous Grouse Foursomes (G)0800-1600OBResult
Sun17 SeptemberMedal (J)1330-1430
Tue19 SeptemberQualifying Medal (G)0800-1530OBResult
Sat23 SeptemberPeter Reid (Strokeplay) (G)0700-1330Result
Sun24 SeptemberLadies Open (Greensomes) (L)0900-1500Result
Tue26 SeptemberQualifying Stableford 3 (G)0800-1515OB
Sun01 October4 BBB Open (G)0730-1430Result
Tue03 OctoberQualifying Medal (G)0800-1500OBResult
Sat07 OctoberStableford (G)0730-1400Result
Sun08 OctoberInvitation Am-Am (4-Man Team Strokeplay) (G)0800-1400Result
Mon09 OctoberJunior Summer League (J)1330-1400
Tue10 OctoberQualifying Stableford (G)0800-1445OBResult
Wed11 OctoberMedal (J)1330-1400
Sat14 OctoberMemorial Day (4-Person Team Stableford) (L J & G)0740-1416Result
Sun15 OctoberFinals Day (G)1000-1100Result
Sun15 OctoberLadies All Winners (Strokeplay) (L)1115 - 1130
Mon16 OctoberJunior Summer League (J)1330-1400
Wed18 OctoberAll Winners (J)1330-1400
Sat21 OctoberCol.R.H.Robertson Cup (Strokeplay) (G)0800-1330Result
Sun22 OctoberCancellation Sunday - No Visiting Parties
Sat28 OctoberCancellation Saturday - No Visiting Parties
Sun29 OctoberAll Winners (G)1000-1230Result
Sat04 NovemberWinter Texas Scramble (G)0730-1245Result
Sat11 November4 BBB(G)0740-1228Result
Sat09 DecemberDecember Am-Am (4-person Team Strokeplay) (L&G)0824-1200Result